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Monday, October 26, 2015

Toddler hobo Sneaker Head Halloween Costume

A hobo....... sneaker head? 
Tis' the season, dressing up can be so much fun. We celebrate Halloween for the creative costumes and candy. We got invited to a Halloween party this weekend. Mommy totally forgot about the party until she recieved a text message early Saturday morning with the time and location of the party. Although, we already have a costume picked out she didn't want me to wear it to the party. That's when she knew she had to get a little creative.
 We wanted to use things we already have at home.  For his beard I was a little nervous. I wanted to use products that wouldn't cause him to have a reaction because he has very sensitive skin. 
I used a Mint tea bag, Redken 5th Avenue NYC water wax and MAC carbon matte eye shadow

For the clothes I used a beanie hat, Some old washed out black denim jeans, a
long leeved plaid shirt from the Gap and I also used an old sweater that Caesar could no longer fit. I went ahead and cut both the sleeves off. I also used the scissors to put holes in the sweater to give it a more rugged look, 
Because it was so last minute we purchased this  My shopping cart 28 pieces in blue for $13. If you google search toddler shopping carts you'll find the more realistic metal ones.
Will work for food, candy, sneakers...!
NO sneakers, NO problem! Will work for candy!

How to create a fake beard/mustache 
You will need 
1. (1) Tea bag  (one tea bag should be good for one person.)
2. Hair wax or Vaseline 
(Optional) your choice of color eyeshadow 

How dope is this costume?
Happy Halloween!

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