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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Mickey Mouse Themed 2ND Birthday Celebration


I had way too much fun getting creative for your celebration. 
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cake by Amazing Cakez 347-256-4535
Hennessy Infused Cake balls for the adults from Chucky 
I made the Cone Cupcakes Toppers from (Fondant and Frosting on Easy), Marshmallow Cones, Mickey Mouse molds, Mickey Mouse cake balls, Mickey Mouse Oreo heads, Pretzel Pops, Pinatas, Name board, Center pieces, Instagram props and the Mickey Mouse themed props that we didn't use (lol) Grr we forgot all about them. 
I created these pins for all our guest and also your clubhouse menus.

(Ugh, I didn't get a chance to take a better picture.)

Mickey Mouse character, faceprinting and cotton candy by Champumagic. They did an amazing job! The kids loved them, they didn't want them to go. Lol, They serve in the NY/NJ and CT area. 

Once again thank you all for celebrating with us. To view and steal your pictures click HERE
-Prince Caesar

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  1. What a fun weekend you spent at this kid’s party venue!! My daughter’s birthday is about to come and I would like to celebrate her birthday at some outdoor venues in DC. If you have any venue recommendations then please share!


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