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Sunday, February 15, 2015

White Timberlands + All White Everything (OOTD)

"Rock that all white, when I'm feeling Godly."

How many of you know a 20 months old that could wear white all day and not get it dirty?  Lol, This kid amazes me daily!  In this look Caesar is wearing his Twill Trousers, White Button Up and his White Customized Timbs

They keys are not an accessory, I just love play with them!  :)

What I Wore: White Toddler Pants | Top | Timberlands (timbs) customized by: Here

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  1. What a cute pie! He is rocking that outfit!

  2. Not many kids can wear white and not get it dirty. I try not to buy it for my own daughter and she just turned 3. As for Timbs, I had no idea they were still in fashion. I haven't seen anyone wear them in ages. I remember my kids rocking them in the winter in NY. :)

  3. How adorable!! That outfit is too cute. If my granddaughter was in all white she would have it dirty in no time. Love the Timberlands :-)

  4. Timberlanes have come a long way now that they are in white. They only had one color when I was a kid and had my first pair.


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